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Alexander Nübel holds Schalker Punkt against Union Berlin

 Alexander Nübel holds Schalker Punkt against Union Berlin

FC Schalke 04 completely missed the opening quarter of an hour in the Bundesliga game against Union Berlin - and fell behind early. After the happy equalization, royal blue is stronger, but can later thank goalkeeper Alexander Nübel.

1.FC Union Berlin - FC Schalke 04 1-1 (1-1)

1-0 Andrich (11th), 1-1 Kenny (28th)

1.FC Union Berlin : Gikiewicz - Friedrich, Schlotterbeck, Hübner - Trimmel, Gentner, Andrich, Malli (Prömmel, 69th), Bülter - Ujah, Andersson

FC Schalke 04: Nübel - Kenny, Sané, Kabak, Miranda - Caligiuri, Pczipka, Schöpf, Matondo - Gregoritsch, Raman (Kutucu, 60.)

The most important thing in brief: FC Schalke 04 scored a point for the first time since the restart of the Bundesliga, but also remained without a win in the twelfth game in a row. The team of coach David Wagner played 1-1 (1-1) at Union Berlin on Sunday and set the club's negative record from 1993.

For the newcomer from Berlin, who is still at risk of relegation and has been waiting for a win for seven games, Robert Andrich met in the 11th minute. Jonjoe Kenny (28th) equalized. Thanks to the good first half, Schalke is tenth in the table.
The game in the ticker log

90. + 3 minutes: final whistle!

90 minutes: Three minutes of added time at the old forester's shop.

87 minutes: The huge opportunity! Schlotterbeck comes to the end after a corner on the second post, but Nübel saves S04 with a great parade.

86 minutes: Free kick for Union! However, Miranda can clear her head - corner! Tension with every standard. Friedrich comes to a conclusion, but is blocked - corner for Union again!

84 minutes: After a cross, the Berliners are briefly unsorted at the back, but also miss Kutucu and Gregoritsch.

80th minute: Now every inch of grass is fought for. You can feel that the pressure on both sides is enormous.

75.Minute: The Schalke smell now that there is more in it than just a point. Union is slowly running out of strength, royal blue is becoming more dominant.

70th minute: There would have been more! After a header extension from Gregoritsch Matondo is in a promising position, but forgives miserably.

66.Minute : The last minutes now belonged more to the guests, who now seem to be more pointed and more willing to win. Is more possible for S04 today?

60.Minute: The Berliners are pushing forward again, but they don't have as many chances as at the beginning of the game, because Schalke holds against it. A racy game develops, because even Schalke sniff that there could be more here and today.

52.Minute: The royal blue now make a better impression - the setting is now correct! But what comes out of it? The Schalke have been without a win for 11 games.

48 minutes: The guests start much better in the second round than in the first. Schalke against it - and can not be caught a second time.

46th minute: Let's go! For the time being, both coaches are foregoing personnel changes.

45. + 2 minutes: Half time at the old forester!

42.Minute: After a corner for the Berliners fall in the 16 two Union players, who also protest immediately and demand penalties, but the whistle remains correctly.

38.Minute: The game is now much more intense - two Berliners are cautioned for getting in hard.

32.Minute: Union would like to have the lead back - and is still the more playful and active team, but the guests have caught a bit after the equalization.

28th minute: compensation from nowhere! Kenny pulls from 25 meters - and hits the ball optimally! The ball hits flat in the long corner. Great hit, but the compensation is very flattering. 1: 1.

24 minutes: Union again! After a cross, Ujah comes from a central position to volley, but again Nübel reacts optimally and has the leather safely.

21.Minute: After a union corner, Nübel turns quickly and initiates a S04 counterattack. But the Berliners punch in, run and get the ball back! There would have been more for the guests ...

19.Minute: Although the flag is up, Union has a great chance again because the S04 defensive is floating. After a free kick Andersson comes to the ball eight meters in front of the box, can accept it, but then pushes past the housing. The assignment in the defense of the guests leaves something to be desired.

15.Minute: Schalke again reveals major problems. The team of David Wagner does not make a sure figure on the defensive, at the moment the principle of chance grows forward.

11.Minute: Goal for Union! The Schalke are actually moving forward, but then Union counters! Ujah sends Andrich with a vertical pass. Andrich runs a good 20 meters and is ice cold! 1: 0.

9. Minute: Union again! Ujah gets a header after a free kick at five meters, but his attempt is just over the crossbar. However, the flag is up - the striker was offside.

8.Minute: Can still be heard clearly on the lawn - in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, some Union fans have to cheer their team on.

4th minute: Good opportunity! Bülter comes over the left side with speed and places the ball on the five, where Malli can detach free-standing, but fails due to Nübel.

2nd minute: Where do these songs come from? Fan chants can be heard clearly through the Union Arena, but no fans are visible. In the home game against Bayern , two Union fans cheered on their team from a tree.

1st minute: let's go - the ball rolls! The game begins after a minute's silence for the late African American George Floyd, during which all players and the referee demonstratively kneel at the center circle.

2:50 p.m .: The constellations are known! Get started in half an hour! 

Welcome to the live ticker from VIP News. From four games after the Corona break, FC Schalke 04 did not score a single point - and even off the field, the club does not come to rest before the duel in Berlin on Sunday. On Friday Schalke announced the farewell to CFO Peter Peters after a total of 27 years on June 30. "The position of CFO at Schalke is not necessarily subject to amusement tax," said former Schalke manager Christian Heidel. "Maybe at some point the point has come to say that it is enough."

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