Sunday, January 10, 2021

People overcoming coronavirus may not return to normal sleep


Almaty. January 11. KazTAG - Those people who recovered from the coronavirus may not return to their usual sleep, according to the Interdepartmental Commission on Prevention of COVID-19 in Kazakhstan.

“There is a risk that sleep will not stabilize after being ill with coronavirus,” said Mikhail Poluektov, head of the sleep medicine department at Sechenov University, Ph.D.

According to the scientist, since COVID-19 differs from other diseases in scale and threat to health, it causes so-called psychological distress. He advised to see a neurologist who can prescribe sedatives.

"In turn, neurologist-somnologist Elena Tsareva noted that in order to restore sleep after the virus, it is necessary to normalize nutrition and include additional mineral vitamin complexes in the diet: B6, B12, as well as zinc, calcium and iodine to restore the functions of the thyroid gland," said the report.


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